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Main categories: Paper Product Making Machine; Toilet Tissue Rewinding Machine; Napkin Tissue Machine; Facial Tissue Machine; Egg Tray Making Machine
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Napkin machine description:

The high-speed napkin machine is used to emboss, fold, electronically count, and cut the raw paper napkins into square napkins. During the production process, the paper is automatically embossed and folded without manual folding. The pattern of the napkins can be made according to user needs. Different clear and beautiful patterns.
Main performance features:
1. The whole machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, the unwinding adopts stepless speed regulation, and each functional parameter is adjustable;
2. 1/4 or 1/6 or 1/8 fold can be produced according to requirements, other folding methods can be specified;
3. Can be equipped with a color printing device, using flexographic printing;
4. Pneumatic paper feeding device;
5. Automatic counting function;
6. Automatic stop system for paper break
7. The production speed is fast, the noise is low, and it is suitable for family production.
Model parameters:
180-250 260-300 310-350 360-400 500
Voltage: 220V/380V
Power: 3.5kw 4.5kw 5.2kw
Weight: 1000kg-3500kg
Size: 1.9m*1.1m*1.8m 2.3m*1.2m*2m 2.5m*1.25m*2.1m 2.6m*1.35m*2.15m 2.65m*1.55m*2.3m

Max Li
Jack yang
Becky Li
Sophia Fang
Zoe Chen
Jackson Yao

Toilet tissue machine description:
This machine adopts international new PLC computer programming technology (the system can be upgraded), frequency conversion speed regulation, automatic electronic brake. Touch-type human-machine interface operating system, using coreless rewinding and forming system. The application of PLC program air column forming technology achieves the characteristics of faster rewinding and more beautiful forming.

Production Process:
Automatic feeding of four rolls → synchronous conveying → embossing → punching → automatic winding → cutting → bagging → sealing.
1. Rewinding---The main purpose of the toilet paper rewinding machine is to process the large scroll paper into long strips of toilet paper rolls.
2. Paper cutting---The long strip of toilet paper is cut into semi-finished products of the length required by the customer through the paper cutter.
3. Packaging---Packaging can be packaged by a packaging machine, or manual packaging. The semi-finished toilet paper is packaged and then sealed by a sealing machine.

1. Using PLC computer programming, the finished paper can achieve different tightness and looseness during the rewinding process, so as to solve the problem of looseness of the paper core due to long-term storage of the finished product.
2. The automatic rewinding machine can be equipped with double-sided embossing and gluing and compounding. Compared with single-sided embossing, it can make the paper softer, the finished product has the same double-sided effect, and each layer of paper does not unravel when used, which is especially suitable for processing. Roll kitchen paper towels and reduce weight by 15% or more when making the same size finished product.
3. The machine is equipped with processing centerless, solid, and roll-up toilet paper, which can switch between products in an instant, and can also be selected according to user needs.
4. Automatic trimming, gluing, sealing, and shaft pulling are completed in an instant, so that there is no paper loss when the roll paper is transferred to the band saw for cutting and packaging, thus greatly improving the production efficiency and the grade of the finished product, and the finished product has a paper tail. , easy to enable.
5. Pneumatic belt feeding, rewinding shaft and each base paper have independent tension adjustment mechanism

Model parameters:
1575 1880 2100 2400 3000
Voltage: 220V/380V
Power: 5.5kw 7.5kw
Weight: 2900kg-3800kg
Size: 5.5m*2.15m*1.75m 5.5m*2.5m*1.75m 6.5m*2.7m*1.75m 6.5m*2.8m*1.8m 6.5m*3m*1.8m

Egg tray machine description:
The raw materials come from various pulp boards such as reed pulp, straw pulp, slag pulp, bamboo pulp, wood pulp, etc. The waste paper is widely sourced and easy to collect.
The required operators are 5 persons/shift: 1 person in the pulping area, 1 person in the molding area, 2 people in the cart drying product, and 1 person in the packing area.
Equipment process:
1. Pulping system
(1) Put the raw material into the pulping machine, add an appropriate amount of water, and stir it for a long time to turn the waste paper into pulp, and then put it into the pulp storage tank for storage.
(2) Put the pulp in the storage tank into the mixing tank, adjust the pulp concentration in the mixing tank, and further stir through the white water in the return tank and the thick pulp in the storage tank through the homogenizer. After adjusting to suitable pulp, put it into the pulp supply tank to be used in the forming system.
Equipment used: pulper, homogenizer, pulp pump, vibrating screen, pulp decompressor
2. Forming system
(1) The pulp in the pulp supply tank is fed into the forming machine, adsorbed by the vacuum system, the pulp is passed through the mold on the equipment, and the pulp is left on the mold to form, and the white water is adsorbed and transferred back to the water tank by the vacuum pump.
(2) After the mold is adsorbed, the transfer mold passes through the positive pressure of the air compressor to discharge the air, and the molded product is blown from the molding mold to the rotating mold, and some are sent out by the transfer mold.
Equipment used: molding machine, mold, vacuum pump, negative pressure tank, water pump, air compressor, mold cleaning machine
3. Drying system
(1) Natural drying method: directly rely on the weather and natural wind to dry the product.
(2) Traditional drying: brick-built tunnel kiln, the heat source can choose natural gas, diesel, coal, dry wood,
Heat sources such as liquefied petroleum gas.
(3) New multi-layer drying line: 6-layer metal drying line can save more than 30% energy than transmission drying, and the main heat source is natural gas, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas, methanol and other clean energy.
4. Auxiliary packaging of finished products
(1) Automatic stacker
(2) Baler
(3) Transfer conveyor

Model parameters:
YB-3*4 (2000-2500pcs/h)
YB-4*4 (3000-3500pcs/h)
YB-5*8 (5000-6000pcs/h)
Voltage: 220V/380V
Power: 15kw
Weight: 1000kg-3500kg